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Pr 14 Raw Old Rice

Pr 14 Raw Old Rice

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Although a high-carbohydrate food, Pr 14 Raw Old Rice offers a natural source of nutrition and forms a dietary staple in many parts of the world.  Checked strictly in accordance with the various standard parameters, it is highly appreciated in the market. It can be treated in different ways after harvesting and appears on our store shelves in several forms. All types of rice contain a variety of nutrients; protein, carbohydrate, B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium and iron. Vitamins such as Vitamin B, Niacin and Thiamine are retained during the soaking process. Thus this Pr 14 Raw Old Rice offers great health benefits.


  • It provides additional dietary fiber, slows digestion and makes you feel fuller.
  • Great in combination with Sambar, Rasam and other South Indian Curries
  • Get the taste of health and nutrition